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2017 – Orphanage Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Kampong Speu!

As these dear souls don’t really know when they were actually born, the Anyway Foundation throws everyone a birthday party on April 6th every year. Private donations made sure the kids had a special hearty meal, lots of little gifts (soccer balls, hula-hoops, coloring books, some learning wall posters, etc) and of course you can not have a birthday party with out the cake!

There are now 27 children at the orphanage now. The original 7 are wearing the Anyway Foundation white T-shirts (purchase here) at the front of the cake cutting. Each child costs $1.50 per day to feed, which is $40.50/day, $1,235/month or $14,820/year. So every dollar you could donate goes to a very worthy cause. All proceeds, 100%, go directly to the children and teachers Donate Now, and Thank You!

Not just money, but clothes, books, teaching materials, older computers, computer parts, iPads (great for learning), kitchen equipment, DVDs, anything is very much appreciated. Please email info@anywayfoundation.org (attention Chantz), to arrange shipping to Cambodia. We have people traveling from the US, Europe, Australia and the rest of the world so it’s easier than you think!

Enjoy the pictures and send this kiddos some good vibes, wishes and prayers and Thank You again!