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Join Anyway Foundation by donating to help the Cambodian children in the orphanage, schools and even the surrounding villagers with basic needs, supplies and our current projects.

100% of all money goes directly to the people in need.

You can help too! All donations are tax deductible.

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So little can go so far in a place like Cambodia.


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Support the Orphanage


With only 2 children on formula, the cost per child for the 17 children in the orphanage has been reduced from $158/month to $78/month. Most of the fruit and vegetables (soon Rice) are grown at the orphanage. We have a great caretaker. Also, our staff has been reduced because the older age of the children allows one nanny to care for 2 1/2 to 3 children instead of the 1 nanny to 2 baby ratio we previously had. This makes your donation go further.



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Support a Student


It costs approximately $90/year for each child to attend school full time. We have a total of 48 children in the 1st thru 5th grade studying in Khmer, the national language of Cambodia. You can donate to support one child or more.


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School Construction

We want to build 2 additional classrooms onto the existing school. Each classroom will house up to 2 classes (we now have 3 teachers and 1 classroom) and cost aprx. $1200 for material (Lumber, concrete and galvanized roofing). The parents will supply the labor on a food for work program (aprx. 80% of thier rice crop was destroyed by a monsoon in July 2009) that will supply the rice needed at about $28/bag. We are supplying 50 bags to help the families in the old town of Cheneng.


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Solar Power

We currently need 3 solar power systems. One each for the school in the old village, the orphanage and the school/sewing center in the new village. This would not only lower fuel costs (diesel and gas electric generators) it will also introduce the students and their parents to a green lifestyle for the first time. Each system costs $780 complete.


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General Donations

Donate as much as you wish in $20 dollar increments. Send us an e-mail to specify what project you wish to donate to or we will apply the donation to the most pressing needs. Thank you!


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