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Bees, Bees, Bees

Beekeeping is a great way for families to make $300 – $400 / month with pretty minimal over site. Please send an email to info@anywayfoundation.org for more information or if you want to get involved.


Basically 1 hive can produce about 50 Kilos of honey per year which is about $100 per month. All round figures which we will update as we learn more.


It takes about 3 months for the production of honey and to start making money.


You can usually split (double) your, 1 hive, into 4 hives within a year. With advanced techniques, you could grow to 20 hives per year as the Queen lays 2,000 eggs (1 frame) per day


I would like fund (via both on-line fund raising and Anyway Foundation) for the guys in Mondulkiri (MK) to come down, have a 3 – 4 day work-shop, learning how to take care of Bees.
When they are ready, equipment and training, etc, we set them up with some hives in MK.
The women (if they don’t like the actual bee keeping) can help with bottling and selling the honey. There is also some opportunity to make some money in associated wood work that, if you choose, can go along with beekeeping.

Things that make bees sting

  • dark clothes
  • hairy clothes, like a sweater
  • smelly, body order or other
  • storm coming
  • citrus or banana smells
  • queen less



Follow strict schedule of maintenance and processing.


DO’s & DON’Ts

Don’t harvest too soon.



Thank you for the support of the following:

James Dunbar – Bee Keeping Club Cambodia

Karel & Michelle of – Awareness Cambodia

Ross Wright of – C.H.O.I.C.E. Cambodia



Royal Jelly – 3 days

Swarming when full hive 1/2 leaves with queen.

Brood – brood area, all the bees that don’t yet have wings




Jenter Queen Bee Rearing Kit – http://www.ecrotek.co.nz/beekeeping-equipment/queen-rearing-materials/complete-jenter-unit.html

workers live 6 weeks / queen lives 2 – 4 years / lays 2,000 eggs per day

20,000 bees per box

21 days to hatch

male = drone = clone of queen

12 frames = split hive

9 grams of honey makes 1 gram of wax

3 spices in Cambodia

Barow mite – treatment tyme oil, oregano, eucalyptus, can put in smoker

Bee radius is 3K

inmature / green honey – honey has moisture that will furment = honey no good

2.7 kilos of honey per frame

pollen trap

propulous – $500/kilo

spacing between frames – 7mm

CHANTZ – get Khmer instructions translated / written

What is?

Draw out the wax? I think means making the wax colm