Projects – Current

This page will detail specifics of cost, logistics and impact of the on-going projects.


Location explanation:


English School – In Mondulkiri. The is a school house that facilitates about 30 students. The building is located along paved Road 76. Kids come here after regular school (8am – 3pm), for 2 hours per day where they are taught English. The school house is located on Mr. Heng’s property. Mr. Heng, his wife and family look after the kids when they are there studying.

English School


Primary School – In Mondulkiri, The original school had to be moved due to government land allocation. About 20 families moved about 100 miles away. The original school was about 1/2 of a mile off of the paved road. When bad weather or the departure of others led to low attendance. So Ray had the school building moved to what we now call the Primary School.

Mondulkiri Class of 2017


The Orphanage – In Kampon Speu, Ray started many years ago with about 27 babies, literally some of them left on the door stop of the place. The Orphanage now takes care of kids between birth and 18 years old. We also work with families and contacts to try and get work placement for the kids above 18 years old.



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The English School

The neighbors have built a new house and have elevated their foundation by about 2 feet above the schools foundation.The new house is about 6 to 8 feet from the school. During the rainy season this is going to cause flooding to for the kids who come to the class everyday.

  • PHASE 1 – We need to dig / build a drainage ditch either to the front of the property (closer) or toward the rear.
  • PHASE 2 – Either raise the concrete slab or move the school building.

To dig the ditch – cost

To pour a concrete apx. 2 feet wide and 6 inch deep water drain.


The Sewing machines

  • Two of the 5 machines are out of service.
  • Also needed is better lighting in the sewing room.


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The Primary School

This place is at a new location (not new building, desks, seating benches, supplies etc). The school is very baron. The 1st thing we are trying to do is get either permission from the village elders to drill a water well or install a water tank.

Primary School


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  • USB Wifi
  • Tape measure
  • Computer monitors
  • Donated clothes


Things we’d like to get to the schools

  • Globes
  • Global wall map